MREI Information

MREI or Millionaire Real Estate Investor, is both a book and a system of real estate investing. Gary Keller and others interviewed over 100 successful real estate investors around the country to come up with a simple system that would make investing in real estate easy and affordable for most everyone. They not only literally wrote the book, but, Millionaire Systems, Inc. has developed a workshop which I am certified to facilitate.

MREI Workshops faciliated by Kevin Kaley are typically hosted at a Keller Williams Market Center. Other guest speakers may include local mortgage providers, local property mangagers, other real estate agents, and/or other providers of interest. The workshops are open for attendance to most anyone - experienced real estate invetors, new or potential real estate investors, and other real estate agents. By attending the workshop, you will receive a FREE copy of the national bestselling book, "The Millionaire Real Estate Investor", (list price, $21.95) plus a workshop workbook which includes valuable plans, charts, and strategies! Please see the focus box to the right, "Training Calendar" to see when and where upcoming MREI workshops are offered. If you are interested in hosting your own MREI workshop, please click my photo below to send me an email!

Registration Information

To register for this or one of my other classes, we do ask for pre-payment. This helps insure that those that sign up, show up. You can either drop off a check at the host Market Center, payable to "Kevin Kaley" or pay by PayPal. Click here to go to the registration information page.

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