General Website Class Information

I've been teaching "How to Setup and Maintain Your Website" since... well... since we've had agent websites! Like most of my technology classes, my goal is to teach you more than you will actually use at the moment. I believe this attitude ensures that I will cover everything that you need and want, as well as what others in the class need and want.

The format of the class is simple: I start at the beginning of the Website Administration Tool and end at the end. Along the way, we discuss various topics from simple SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, linking and cross linking, lots of other topics, as well as tips and tricks to "bend" templates to accomodate your needs. We'll cover topics and techniques from beginner through intermediate to advanced applications. For a simple demo, poke around this site and see how I've tweaked it to match my needs.

This course is approved by GREC for 3 hours CE Credits!

Registration Information

To register for this or one of my other classes, we do ask for pre-payment. This helps insure that those that sign up, show up. You can either drop off a check at the host Market Center, payable to "Kevin Kaley" or register online:

Click here to begin the registration process.

Hosting Information

I'm always interested in talking about scheduling a class! I've found that as a learning based company, training facilities tend to be adequate for my needs. Generally, all I need is high speed internet and a projector. If you have and interest in hosting a class, click my photo below to send me an email!