IGNITE is coming to KW Atlanta Northeast and 250+ KW Market Centers across the country on January 9!

What is IGNITE?

Ignite has a single objective: to propel agents into immediate productivity. 
To achieve this goal, the course contains a wealth of fundamental and 
foundational real estate content, enhanced by productivity-based exercises,
an online tracking system 
(MyTracker), practical job aids, and powerful scripts.

Click here to watch a short video clip about IGNITE!

 Read what Chris Alston, Team Leader, Cupertino CA has to say about IGNITE:

Ignite So many things come to mind when I think of the word.

Combustion, fire, flames, spark, imagination, light bulb, innovation. I don’t see a camp fire, I see a bonfire!I bet the fire you see is different from the one I am imagining, and yet they are both hot! I’m not looking at the actual size of the light bulb, but the fact that there is light in the dark that existed before that ray brightened the room.

When I think of the word Ignite and how it plays into a real estate agents’ career, I see something so similar! Success, listings, contracts, money, leads, growth, achievement are all words that come to mind. And again, I am not seeing a new agent just starting out or launching their career, I am seeing agents, and their rise to the level of success the desire. And here’s the coolest part. The level could be 20-40 deals, or 100-200, or maybe it’s taking the leap to achieve a first transaction. I bet the level of success I am thinking is different from yours, yet they both are successes.

We all know that the fundamentals of real estate still apply. We are in the business to generate leads. Without lead generation, our careers may shrink and force us to believe that we need to go find a “real” job. What we have to remember is that real estate sales IS a real job. Too often we stand around the water cooler and buy into the gossip about how open houses do not work, and cold calling is terrible. Or that no one wants to hear from us anyways, so “why bother calling.”

After attending some of the best education and training events, like Mega Camp and Family Reunion, I can tell you with confidence that the people who are knocking it out of the ballpark understand that real estate is a business and a full-time job – regardless of market conditions.

Here’s what I know. I’ve been a Team Leader with Keller Williams Realty for 10 years and when our education arm, Keller Williams University rolls out a new course, I immediately take notice! And so when they announced Ignite at Mega Camp, you better believe I jumped on board to host a class for our agents!

The class is structured to steer you on the right path in your career and your life. You create new habits that lead to success and we hand you a road map that is easy to follow.

The other part I love: we’re all learning and working through our challenges together, as we work toward mastery.

This new four week intensive course will help you to set ideas in action, help with affirmations, putting models in place, practice in class, learn through technology and a new way of tracking your successes against others in your class and from across the country.

Are you ready to IGNITE your business to get the momentum started for a strong 2012?